The Secret Behind Oreo’s Social Media Marketing

Marketers at Oreo have been generating a lot of buzz about their cookies these days, and they’re using social media to do it. The techniques they’re using are extremely innovative, and they’re not that difficult to replicate.

Although this popular brand of cookie is known for its black-and-white striped appearance and its customers tendency to twist it apart or dunk it in milk, the brand is a social media powerhouse:

Over the past few months, Oreo has hit more than a couple social media home runs. Their tweet during the Super Bowl, the 100-day “Daily Twist” Facebook campaign, the “Cookie Vs. Cream” videos on YouTube, and their spur-the-moment Twitter banter with their arch enemy, Kit Kat, demonstrated true mastery of social media. Let’s consider the promotions, then consider the lessons to be learned.

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