Social Media Marketing Ideas

Increasing sales is a challenging task for online sellers. You have to stand out among thousands of other sites. Out of all the marketing modes you can use, social media marketing takes a higher place. You use social media platforms to promote and sell your products or services. Both paid and unpaid or organic social media marketing tactics are available for you to choose from. 

Deciding on the best option depends on what you sell, your target audience and your business goals. 

Rather than going straight to the strategies, let’s get to know why social media marketing is considered as an effective marketing strategy. According to a survey done by Smart Insights, the amount who could enjoy increment of sales and revenue is more than half of the social media marketing users.  

Social media allows you to have a two-way interaction with consumers. This provides you with the opportunity to test the grounds based on their feedback. 

Just because Facebook and Twitter are more popular does not mean that they are the best options. There are plenty of other social media platforms who might be a better option for your brand. So, knowing how to deal with online communities and convert them to customers is important. Following points are some of the tactics you can use to boost your sales.

17 tactics to grow your business with social media

  1. Updating social media frequently
  2. Connect social media accounts with product reviews
  3. Providing micro-content
  4. Actively use hashtags
  5. Make use of trends
  6. Twitter chat sessions
  7. Make the process of sharing content on social media simple
  8. Pinterest treasure hunt
  9. Professional assistance for infographics
  10. Link top posts to your site
  11. Create interactive content
  12. A complementary board on Pinterest
  13. Facebook groups
  14. Instagram shopping & Facebook shopping
  15. Paid re-targeted ads
  16. Launching an influencer campaign

Updating social media frequently

Audience responses differ based on your posting frequency. So, updating consitently is a must. But you can’t invest all the time you have to update social media accounts. That’s why there are tools like hootsuite and Buffer where you can schedule posts for future. Automating the posting process saves you time and avoid being forgotten to update with due to the workload.

You can compare your posting frequency with engagement rates to determine a suitable pace for posting. Just updating regularly is not enough but quality is. The content you upload is important. There are only ‘Like’ or ‘Dislike’ responses, so post only if its good.

Connect social media accounts with product reviews

Connect your product reviews direcly to social media and pages. They provide fresh contents and will help in increasing traffic from your socal media accounts to your web store. This is a good way to gain trust from visitors. A review app you can use for Shopify is Yotpo which encourages customers to leave reviews after a purchase. This is automated so, no need to ask customers by yourself.

Providing micro content

Majority of social media users use them when they are on a short break. Like when they are waiting for a bus, need a little refreshment while working etc. So, your posts must attract them in an instance. No use of providing all the information you have. Bite-sized amount of info is what you need to serve. That must be effective and convincing and also must provide the message you want to convey.

Actively use hashtags

Hashtags takes a leading role in social media. You can use specific hashtags for your rand and ask your follwers to use it whenever they post something related to your brand. It makes it easy to recognize your brand and follow content related to your products.

But you should know that hashtag works differently on various platforms.

While Instagram does better with 10+ hashtags, Twitter and Facebook survive with a single hashtag and none respectively. So create hashtag/s based on your social media platforms, your products/ brand.

Make use of trends

Pay attention to trends and find an opportunity to add your voice to a conversation happening. Align your posts with rending topics. You can reach new people and get attention from them.

Twitter chat sessions

In order to keep your online community hyped and alive, you need to be active on social media accounts. Being engaged will help you grow your followers and traffic to your online store. Twitter chat is a good approach to interact with your customers and followers. You can either join with an existing one or create your own. Creating a one and gather audience is hard and takes time. But either way, you will gradually build your brand as an authority.

Having a specific hashtags for your chat sessions will make it easy for your community to join conversations and recap later if need.

Make the process of sharing content on social media simple

Ensure that social sharing buttons on your sites are easy to find. Even though you want to have the same colour schemes for all graphics on the site, it may be more effective if you use the regular icons and colours for social media buttons.

Pinterest treasure hunt

What is Pinterest treasure hunt? That is where you and your partners will join hands to promote your brand. Each one pins an image on their boards which includes a clue or hint related to the next image. Visitors are asked to follow the stream and the ones who reach the end will be rewarded.

Professional assistance for infographics

Investing in professionally designed infographics would be able to help you with SEO and drive more traffic. The cost depends on what you need and who you hire.
The message should not only speak to your customers but better have the ability to be featured on blogs or get backlinked.

Link top posts to your site

Link your posts that have high engagements such as likes, comments and retweets or shares. That gives the audience a good impression on you and you can build your online presence. Additional to this, you can include links to your site on your social media account profile or bio or having a promotional banner as the cover image.

Create interactive content

Interact with your followers in a fun way! Do not ask them to participate in surveys but invite them to do a quiz and share the results on social media. Ask them about themselves and test how much they know. Naturally, they would like to share their results which helps to be seen by people who are not aware of you. That gives you the opportunity to reach more people who may have the same interests and increase traffic to your social media accounts and ecommerce site.

A complementary board on Pinterest

Provide details and deals of complementary items on your Pinterest board. They might be products that you don’t sell. As an example, if you sell mobile phones, you can feature products like chargers, memory cards, hand-free etc. Make sure the brands you promote are aware of your Pinterest board. Why? Because there is a possibility of them to use the same strategy and sent traffic back to you.

Facebook groups

Facebook groups are created based on shared interests and skills. So, joining or owning a Facebook group allows you to share your thoughts and get feedback from its members regarding your products, services or any other related topic.

You shouldn’t start selling products from the start. First, you have to build credibility in the group and later nurture the relationships. After that, you can suggest them to take a look at your site or ask them to follow your social media accounts. This allows you to maintain a good relationship with your online community or potential customers.

Instagram & Facebook shopping

You can add products to your Instagram posts and stories. Add tags on products and let viewers see the price when they click on those tags. There must be an option available to get to know more about the product and purchase if you tap on the post.

And did you know that you can sell directly on Facebook? Facebook shopping feature connects your Facebook account and the online store allowing customers to buy directly from Facebook.

Facebook and Instagram Shopping can reach more people with similar interests and convert them into customers. This is convenient for customers too as you can purchase directly without going to the website when they see the post.

Paid re-targeted ads

You can send ads only for those who have been to your site using paid re-targeted ads. This has become a common practice for online marketing as it is hard to gain traction through news feed. You can limit the audience to your followers or people who visit your online store. That means they already have shown interest in buying, so the chance of them returning is high.

Launching an influencer campaign

You can ask influencers engaged with an audience ideal to your targeted customers to share a post featuring your products. They might request for free products or a direct payment. Either way, you should collaborate with only a person related to your niche.

“Content is King”. To gain the most out of your social media marketing, you need to show some effort in making good content. Do not post things just for the sake of posting something but evaluate the effectiveness. You should be able to attract people and convince them to visit your store and buy from a short but precise content. Creativeness is important here. When creativity and quality is blended well, you can build a good post.

You should understand your brand, product or service well. Then you can determine who will be interested in your products and create posts suitable for them. Try automating the process as much as you can. Engaging and interacting matters to a great extent in social media marketing. Do not treat it as a place only to share products but a place to connect with your customers and answer their concerns. That way, you can build a strong bond with your customers and it will make them attached to your brand.

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