Ecom Services is a specialised e-commerce consultancy for brands and entrepreneurs looking to strengthen their businesses in the online world and reach the next level. Their vision is to help brands and entrepreneurs who are new to e-commerce, to successfully establish their online retail setups. Seeing that most entrepreneurs who are not from IT backgrounds tend to be skeptical of moving into e-commerce without the correct consultancy, investment or technical advice, Ecom Services set out to deliver this much needed service.

Ecom Services was founded by a group of digitally savvy e-commerce experts who identified a gap in the market for specialised ecom services, with the recent explosion of the global online retail sector. Powered by this dedicated team of professionals, plus leading Shopify experts and partners, Ecom Services consultancy is able to develop any idea, product or service brand into a highly functional website or a multi-channel digital marketing solution. Furthermore, Ecom Services is able to extend any online store with the option to customise beyond the standard Shopify admin with access to latest technology. Their friendly service and genuine interest to make brands and businesses into great online successes, often makes clients trust the Ecom Services consultancy as an extension of their own team.

Ensuring that these custom build online selling portals are used to their fullest potential, Ecom Services provides comprehensive training of all functions and features of online stores upon setting up, or the option to continue working with them as a supporting team managing the site.

To develop your winning idea into a great success story, or book a our time to discuss how to create your online store today, say hello to