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Whether you sell online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify has you covered.

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Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, that develops computer software for online stores and retail point-of-sale systems
Shopify is a complete e-commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. It lets you organise your products, customise your storefront, accept credit card payments, track and respond to orders — all with a few clicks of the mouse.

Shopify is an E-commerce platform that allows anyone to easily sell online, in-store, and everywhere in between. Shopify offers a professional online storefront that takes minutes to set up, a payment solution to process credit cards, Shopify Mobile to accept payments on your smartphone, and the Shopify POS application to power retail sales. Shopify is the platform of choice for over 100,000 active global retailers.
Shopify robust API infrastructure, world-class security and constant innovation provide you with an online store where the only limit is how fast you can sell.

Shopify can process as many sales as you can make:
Shopify serves an average of 100,000 page views per minute. At peak, that number jumps to 500,000.

Shopify take care of security so you don’t have to:
Shopify is certified Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, with annual on-site compliance assessments and continuous risk management.
Never pay for bandwidth or a rack again:
Shopify’s highly distributed, full-featured platform drives down IT hardware and labor costs to a fraction of traditional infrastructure expenses.
Constant upgrades with no interruptions:
Shopify always adding new features and functionality to the platform. Those upgrades happen automatically and quietly, allowing you to continue with business as usual.

Robust API:
Shopify’s versatile API makes it possible to connect your e-commerce site to almost any popular third-party resource.
Shopify by the numbers:
$60 million of sales processed per month
10,000 orders processed per minute at peak
100% traffic growth year-over-year
80 millisecond response time per request – a number that decreases as traffic increases

Shopify features to improve your business.

• Shopify is the world’s fastest growing commerce platform with over 100,000 active global retailers
• You can sell online, offline and on-the-go using Shopify’s powerful technology
• Use your own domain name
• Sell gift cards and generate coupon codes
• Use its integrated blogging platform to create blog posts
• Process credit card payments directly through Shopify, or other gateways
• Process in-store purchases with Shopify POS
• Process purchases with your smartphone using Shopify Mobile
• Receive 24/7 onboarding and technical support from Shopify Gurus
• Access e-commerce analytics
• Use built-in SEO
• Rely on fast servers, industry-leading response times, and cutting edge infrastructure
• Keep your customer’s data secure with PCI Level 1 Compliant checkout
• Sell unlimited SKUs
• Shopify is always adding free new features to help you sell

Overall, if it’s a physical product, drop ship product, digital product or service that isn’t illegal to sell online, you can sell it on Shopify. If you visit their sitemap and look under “E-commerce by Industry”, you’ll find a listing of the most popular verticals using their platform, ranging from art to coffee, e-books to guitars, shoes to homeware – it’s hard to find something you can’t sell!
If you already have an offline physical retail store, you are also able to merge and manage your entire sales and inventory system in one location with Shopify’s Point of Sale (POS) System.

Ways to sell
With Shopify you can sell products in different ways through many sales channels. Although you are not limited to choosing only one way to sell, it is important to have an idea of your business requirements so you can choose a pricing plan that works for you.
Selling in person with Shopify POS
If you want to sell your products in person, you can sign up for Shopify POS. This point of sale system allows you to process sales in a retail store and at mobile locations, such as fairs, pop-ups, and markets, using the Shopify POS app.
Find out more in getting started with Shopify POS.
Selling with Shopify’s online store
If you want to sell online, you can sign up for a Shopify online store. You will be able to set up all your products in the Shopify admin, and then have a beautiful storefront for your customers to visit.
Find out more in getting started with Shopify’s online store.

Selling on Shopify’s other online channels-
If you want to sell on social media, you can do so on one (or more) of the available channels:
• Shopify Buy Buttons
• Facebook
• Pinterest
• Twitter
Where to go for help
You are not alone! Shopify offers many resources to help you become a successful Shopify merchant. In addition to the standard documentation, you can find great guides and tutorials about growing your business in the Shopify community. If you can’t figure out how to do something, you can always ask Support, or connect with Shopify Experts to hire professional help with launching, designing, and marketing your store.
Go to the Shopify Support page and get in touch.

Shopify works in almost every country and currency. It is dependent on the payment gateway you use. Click here for the list of payment gateways Shopify works with.

Get setup in minutes with our free 14-day trial. After your trial has expired, we have several pricing plans for you to choose from in order to best suit the size and nature of your business.

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