Transform your retail business to a successful online store, with our Shopify Experts!

As an online store platform provider with 100% responsive e-commerce setups, Shopify has won worldwide recognition as the most up-to-date cyber retail setup. It is enriched with the latest e-commerce technology and high responsivity to both mobile and desktop devices, making it the most retailer-friendly and consumer-sensitive platform of today. With our Shopify experts who have been specifically trained to set up this award-winning platform for Sri Lanka, now local brands, retailers and businesses have the opportunity to transform their operations into thriving online stores to reach massive markets all over the world.


An Online Store Powered By 100% Responsive E-Commerce Template

Setup Shopify online store which is enriched with latest e-commerce technology and highly responsive to mobile and desktop devices.

Online Business App
Your store at your fingertips

When our Shopify experts set up your online store, they are also able to set you up with its online business app that operates and manages your store on your mobile device. This means that with the online business app, you can travel, work and manage your business from anywhere, anytime. The online business app allows you to manage everything from simple tasks such as update key areas of your store like product info and prices, and even core tasks such as filling in orders, contacting customers and continuing your promotions. What's more, the online business app also protects your data by automatically syncing it between Shopify mobile and your online store.

Lower expenses, minimal overheads: the online store is the future of retail

An online store brings in less expenses to set up and has minimal overheads in operations, comparison to a traditional store. This means that your store costs will drastically decline giving you more fiscal room for growth and investments. Having an online store also has a significant impact on your marketing budget through the in-built functions of target audience marketing and customer profiling. Our Shopify experts can ensure that your online promotions are precisely aimed at potential customers narrowed down through age, likes and preferences and even previous purchasing histories. These promotions can be managed through your online business app too! Compared to conventional media where targeting is less precise and placements are highly expensive, online marketing is faster, more dynamic, cheaper and precisely targeted which makes it highly effective. It's a win-win.

The world is your market

The expanded geographical reach of online stores mean that your product or services will be made available to markets in every corner of the world, or focus on a niche local audience—anything is possible. Our Shopify experts will be able to show you just how a local business can become national or, even international if paired with the right kind of e-commerce strategy.

Our Services

Design your Shopify Store

Our design experts will design your online store to showcase your brand or product, This will help you to increase your ROI, face the competition and convert your customers.

Shopify store setup & theme customization

Our Shopify store setup experts will set up your online store without limiting to a device or any location in the world. This will help you to take the customer in a seamless journey from his landing page to the checkout. Our professionals will work together to improve the look and feel of your online store with customizations beyond the Shopify them backend.

Integrate your Shopify store with online sales channels

As Shopify supports several different online sales channels we can help you to integrate your Shopify store with multiple sales channels without limiting to an Online store. Such as Pinterest with Buyable Pins, facebook with facebook shop and messenger Sell directly from conversations with customers. Migrating to Shopify from another platform If you are planning to migrate Shopify from another platform we can guide you and your team to make a smooth transition.

Dropshipping Store Development

Drop shipping is a retail fulfilment method where a store doesn't keep the products it sells in stock. If you are planning to start with dropshipping we can setup and give you a training on the process.

Shopify Payment Gateways Integration and Development

Even though Shopify platform has a list of international payment gateways most of the merchants still looking for a solution to integrate local banks and other local mobile payment options to their Shopify store. As it will allow having their funds to the local bank account on the same day which the transaction happened. We can help you if you are planning to integrate your local bank payment gateway to Shopify.

Ongoing Support

We will always be there to help you on any technical difficulty to support you remotely. Most of the Shopify store owners optimize their online store time to time, with the purpose of increasing look and feel of their store and sales. On this process, our team will help you to whatever changes without any downtime.

What Our Clients Say

Alex and the ECOM Services team has been very helpful, prompt in rendering their services for us. Literally working around the clock and letting us hit our objectives & deadlines. Not only did they provide a high-quality service, they also play the advisory role in helpful is make a proper rational decision, which I think it is a very good trait. They also went beyond their way to make sure I and my marketing team were happy. Keep up the good work! And we look forward to working with them in the times to come! :)

Cliara Essential Oils

I had dreamed about having my own online store and ECOM Services has made my dream come true and completely exceeded my expectations. I now have a store that my friends and family are raving about and is sure to do very well once I launch the Grand Opening in a few days!! Service and support is impeccable, regular communication/updates -truly is the best experience ever. Hire ECOM Services and see your dreams come true right before your eyes!!!! Thanks again :)

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